About Us

What's your deal?

GizmoJunkies is comprised of a small team dedicated to giving you the product and support you need in order to make the most out of your new toys.

Meet a Junkie


Co-founder of GizmoJunkies, Ben's specialty is acting as a moderator between people and technology.

His life ambition is preventing the apocalypic meltdown that nearly occurs daily due to the public's frustration with items like computers, televisions, mobile phones, and robots.



What more is there to say? This guy loves bacon. And rightfully so.

Need more? All right. Look around the website, our product listings, or our ads. See anything entertaining, creative? You can thank James.

When James isn't either higher than a kite (FL190) or busy playing 1990's era video games on his RetroPie, he's hard at work making sure that your shopping/learning experience here with GizmoJunkies is as entertaining as physically possible (usually while eating bacon).





Co-founder of GizmoJunkies, Dillon also chose the business as a fall-back when an unforunate incident with a Predator ended his promising career as a lifetime Modern Warfare 2 soldier.

He has promised to stay with us until his pension checks begin to arrive.





No, you're not mistaken. It is the Corey you all know and love. You know, the professional "Louisville Chugger" athlete...

Ok, for those of you who don't know...here's a breakdown of Corey's professional resume:

2003-2006 Season - San Diego Chuggers

2006-2008 - Traded to North Dakota Dazers

2008-2009 Season - Louisville Lushes (took a break from playing to become trainer and mentor to Drew Stubbs)

2009-2012 - Traded back to Dazers

Mid season 2012-2013, Corey suffered an unfortunate and career-ending injury...but every cloud has a silver lining, and GizmoJunkies was that silver lining. He is now one of our most valuable Junkies thanks to his business insight and restlessness.